EMF Shielding for cell phones from Advanced Tachyon Technologies

EMF shielding for cell phones - from Advanced Tachyon Technologies 

EMF Shielding for cell phones from Advanced Tachyon Technologies

Made from pure silica material, this is a powerful and protective cell phone device.  You can use the Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disks on any type of phone including mobile, cordless or a regular home phone. They are also great to use on small electronic devices such as Game Boy's, IPods, CD players and hand held palm pilots.  The Phone Micro-Disk requires no special care. Simply use the double-sided adhesive included with the package and apply over the battery compartment of your cordless or cellular phone. The Phone Micro-Disk continues to provide protection as long as you leave it on your cellular or mobile phone.


Why I Use EMF shields from Advanced Tachyon Technologies on my phones

Between 2001 and 2003 I fulfilled my dream of traveling around the US visiting friends, camping and seeing the country..  Because of this mobile lifestyle I bought and began using a cell phone regularly for the first time it my life.  At first I didn't talk on it all that much, but then as I got used to it, I would spend up to 2 hours a day on the phone.

What I noticed as I increased my cell phone use is that my ears hurt and that my head was "buzzing" after longer conversations. As these sensations persisted, I started to get the feeling that my cell phone was less than healthy for me.   I did some research and found that, although cell phone manufacturers assured people of their safety, there were many others who argued that the radiation from a cell phone disrupted the natural functioning of the brain and body.   Some studies even linked the use of mobile and cordless phones to an increased risk of cancer and tumors.

I was at the point of retiring from my cell phone altogether when I heard of Advanced Tachyon Technology's phone micro disk emf shield.   I had already experienced the healing power of other Tachyonized products for myself.  Specifically, I had seen how special tachyon crystals had helped clients heal twice as fast from injury.  I remember one woman coming into a session on crutches with a sprained knee and leaving 1 hour later with the crutches tucked under her arm.

So, I decided to get a Tachyon Phone Micro Disk emf shield and put it on my cell phone.  I immediately noticed that I felt better around the phone.  No longer did my head "buzz" while using the phone and no longer did I feel dizzy after long conversations.

When I finally sold my motor home and moved into a house without wheels I exchanged my mobile phone for a cordless phone.  I already knew that cordless phones put out at least as much EMF pollution as cell phones, so I peeled my Tachyon™  disk off of my mobile phone and put it on my cordless.

To this day, 3 countries and 2 cordless phones later,  I still use that original disk and find that I have no adverse effects from using my phones.

According to Advanced Tachyon Technology's  website:

"Both cordless and cellular phones give off EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) that disrupt the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) around your head and body, leaving those areas vulnerable to disease. The Tachyonized™ Phone Micro-Disk transform the disruptive wave patterns into a coherent field, protecting you against disease."

I'm not sure how this works, but I am sure that I feel much better when using my phones now.  I also Tachyon disks on my computer and on my entire electrical system.

I now recommend this product to all my friends and family.


"These disks...not only neutralize the negative effects of EMFs, but actually improve biological functioning. They are by far the simplest, least expensive and the most superior product available."

-Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

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Micro Disk EMF Shield $22.95 US

Worldwide Shipping: This product ships via Air Courier.
Delivery to Europe and the US takes 6-10 working days. Australia, 10-14 days.

EMF Shielding for cell phones from Advanced Tachyon Technologies

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EMF Shielding for cell phones from Advanced Tachyon Technologies

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EMF Shielding for cell phones from Advanced Tachyon Technologies