EMF Shielding for your house from Advanced Tachyon Technologies

EMF Shielding for Your Entire House - from Advanced Tachyon Technologies 

EMF Shielding for your house from Advanced Tachyon Technologies

This is a 15 cm (6 in) Tachyon EMF shield disk applied over the circuit breakers of a home electrical system.

Studies show that Tachyonized Silica Disks installed over the circuit breakers of your home or office neutralize the negative effects of EMFs and, at the same time, improve biological functioning. These groundbreaking studies also strongly indicate that when your circuits are protected by Tachyonized Silica Disks, food prepared with electrical appliances have greater life-force energy.

For use with circuit breakers:

1. Open the door to the circuit breaker box. 2. Using tape, adhere the Tachyonized Silica Disks to the inside of the door with the side that says “Energy flows out this side” facing towards you. When you close the door, the energy side will be facing into the circuit breakers. 3. The Tachyonized Silica Disks should cover at least 80% of the circuit breakers to ensure your protection. Especially make sure that the main circuit breaker is covered. 

What are Tachyon EMF Shield Disks?

Tachyon silica disks were developed for a variety of uses including EMF protection, increased vitality in food and beverages, and better sleep patterns.  As with all Tachyonized Cells, the Silica Disks are directional and the energy side is indicated by the words "Energy flows out this side". Tachyonized Silica Disks are composed of a special silica dioxide scientifically developed for the high-tech industries. Silica is a great conductor and creates powerful cells, with the Silica disks having a coherent 15 foot field flowing from the energy side. The Silica Disks themselves are very thin and tend to break easily. For this reason they have been laminated. In the event your Silica Disk breaks, the lamination will hold all the pieces together and the disk will remain completely effective! It is important that you leave the Silica Disk in the lamination.

 I also use Tachyon disks on my computer and on my  cell phone.

I now recommend this product to all my friends and family.


"These disks...not only neutralize the negative effects of EMFs, but actually improve biological functioning. They are by far the simplest, least expensive and the most superior product available."

-Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

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15 cm (6 in) Tachyon Disk EMF Shield $67.95 US

Worldwide Shipping: This product ships  via Air Courier.
Delivery to Europe and the US takes 6-10 working days. Australia, 10-14 days.

EMF Shielding for your house from Advanced Tachyon Technologies

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EMF Shielding for your house from Advanced Tachyon Technologies

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EMF Shielding for your house from Advanced Tachyon Technologies