Raw food superfoods - What is a superfood?

Discover 10 Authentic Raw Food Superfoods To Revitalize Your Life And Health

Yes, These Foods Really Can Help You Enjoy Life More!

Read this letter to learn how...

From: Mark Ament
Friday 11:11 am

Dear Health Seeking Friend,

I have some great news for you! 

Never before has the attainment of high levels of health been as simple, and easy as it is now in the 21st century. 

We live in an interconnected world and can easily get our hands on amazing varieties of foods grown all over the planet. 

Some of these foods are true superfoods and can single handedly revitalize and energize your life.

Keep reading because, in a moment, I’ll tell you a great way to learn about some of the most powerful raw food superfoods and start benefiting from them today.

The Secret Knowledge Of Superfood Plants and Herbs Unveiled

Until recently, the knowledge of superfoods and super herbs was carefully guarded by traditional societies throughout the world.   But now, through the efforts of pioneering naturopaths, M.D.s and others this important information is making its way to health seeking people everywhere.

I’ve personally been studying it and benefiting from what I’ve learned for the past 10 years. 

What is a superfood?

Right from the start, you should know that I’m NOT talking about the common foods like broccoli or spinach that mainstream media call “superfoods.”    No indeed.

Instead, I’m talking about legitimate powerhouse “superior foods” -  foods that get massive and fantastic results for the people who eat them regularly.

Don’t just take my word for it.  Have a look at what some people are experiencing with just a few of these newly “rediscovered” foods:

"I can't believe how much more energy I have since taking only one-quarter teaspoon, once a day. For the first time in years I am able to work all day in the garden, and I used to be only able to spend one or two hours. I'm sleeping much better, and just feel so damn good!"

- Peter, age 77

Just a quick email to say thank you for such a wonderful alternative to every-day dietary supplements. I have become an annoying advocate to work colleagues and friends. I am no longer run-down and tired, but more energised all day. Thank you!
-Lucie Clark

My energy level is way up and I don't have to drink 6 cups of coffee a day to get woke up. I have also lost 6 pounds this month because my metabolism is higher and I have more energy to walk in the evenings. When I wake up in the morning I feel more alert than before. I seem to stay on a more even keel throughout the day which my family really likes!! I am telling everyone I know because it does work.
    -Kevin K.

I have a low thyroid and have been trying to find natural ways to speed things up. I take 2 tablespoons everyday and have found my energy level and weight loss to be its best in years. I am now able to control my hypothyroidism without having to take prescription drugs. This means a lot to me.  

"After three months on one-quarter teaspoon, two times per day, my fingernails have grown long and very hard. In all my 81 years, I have never been able to grow my nails! I have also experienced a lot of increased energy, and my mouth ulcers have healed."

Since beginning about 8 months ago, I have: experienced a noticeable increase in my energy, rid myself of cravings for carbs, cleared up my complexion (which has always been a problem) gotten the silkiest, most glorious hair AND lost 16 pounds.

After a serious illness, surgery and chemo therapy, two years later, exhausted by mid afternoon, I needed to rest each day. Now I no longer run out of energy in the afternoon, I feel much better. Thank you! 
    -Linda L.

That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?  

I could go on an on with similar stories but I want to come to right the point: 

High Quality Raw Food Superfoods Can Change Your Life

As long as you know which foods to eat and where to get them you’ll never need to rely on vitamins, minerals or dietary supplements ever again. 

Instead you can get the nutrition you need from the foods you eat!  I do and so do many of my friends and clients.

By now you’re probably wondering where you can get information on these truly amazing superfoods.

Well, that’s where “Raw Superfoods For Abundant Health” comes in.  It’s a full one hour recording of a radio interview I recently did in New Zealand.   During the course of the interview I reveal a gold mine of information that you can use to put authentic raw food superfoods into your life. 

Some of what you’ll discover is:

  • What is a superfood?  And what makes a food a true superfood 
  • The number one high protein vegetarian food on the planet – I guarantee, it’s not what you think
  • Nature’s 100% pure super moisturizer for silky hair, nails and soft skin
  • How to increase your metabolism by 25% just by eating one kind of food
  • Why real superfoods are raw and minimally processed
  • A common food with over 52 trace minerals
  • High antioxidant foods and what they can do for your health
  • One powerful food so close to blood that it can be transfused directly

And a whole  lot more…

"Okay - So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?"

Well, you should know that people who come to my seminars and retreats receive this information in person as part of their training, which costs anywhere from $150 to $1250 depending on the event.

I know that not everyone is able to or wants to attend a live event, so I decided to make this radio recording available as a downloadable audio.  I’ve also included a full written transcript of the interview with further notes and comments added! 

Because of this I’m able to keep costs down – that’s why “Raw Superfoods For Abundant Health” is only $14.    

That’s not a lot…you could easily spend that much on a SMALL bag of groceries that will be gone tomorrow.   

Even better, you have absolutely nothing to lose with my

100% "Better-Than-Risk-Free"  Money Back Guarantee

If you don't agree that this is some of the most powerful and practical information you've ever received on the subject of superfoods simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. No hard feelings and no questions asked. In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for an year after you get everything!

Fair enough?

Raw food superfoods - What is a superfood?

I urge you to take action right now and grab this material on raw food superfood nutrition.  Trust me, you won't want to miss out on "Raw Superfoods For Abundant Health."

Pick up your copy now by clicking here for our safe and secure order form.


Here’s to your radiant health,

Raw food superfoods - What is a superfood?

Mark Ament

P.S. Thanks so much for reading my letter, and, please, don’t delay..

Raw food superfoods - What is a superfood?

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Raw food superfoods - What is a superfood?

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Raw food superfoods - What is a superfood?