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Discover The Real Ultimate Cleanse
Here's An Internal Cleanse So Complete That
It Cleans Your Colon, Liver And Kidneys
At The Same Time...

 ...And Delivers Massive Health Improvements So Effortlessly And Consistently That Natural Health Experts Worldwide...

...Love To Recommend It

Attention:  The Secrets Of  50 Years Of Cleansing  Research  Are Packed Into This Detox Program And Can Now Be Yours.


Your Goal:  Finally make the changes in your life that you know will truly improve your health.

Actual Recent Results From The Ultimate Cleanse:
  • "...my arthitis pain has now ceased"
  • "...headaches have disappeared"
  • " I lost a staggering 22 pounds!" 
  • "Finally I've been constipation free for 1 week"

From:  Mark Ament
Date:  12 October 2008

To:  Any open minded health seeker

Where do the statements above come from?   These are the actual words of just a few people who've written to me after trying one of the world's best internal cleansing programs - the real Ultimate Cleanse. 

So what makes me call this the real Ultimate Cleanse?

Good question...
To answer it, I need to tell you the story of  how I found this product.  

Mark Ament
About 10 years ago, I tried my very first internal cleansing program.   I learned about it from David Wolfe, a friend and popular lecturer on natural health and the raw food diet.   He was so enthusiastic about this particular cleanse that I knew I had to give it a try. 

It was an intense 4 week program of taking special herbs, combined with a fresh food diet and fasting.   Sometimes it was really challenging and I wondered if I'd make it through. But I’m glad I did, because the results were truly  fantastic.

I felt new on the inside.   My skin cleared up, I lost about 10 lbs. , including my embarrassing spare tire.  Plus my cravings for sweet foods disappeared and I had more energy than ever before.

I was flying high and feeling great after that first cleanse, and people around me really noticed.  Soon, my friends and family began asking me what I had done to look so good.   Of course I told them about the cleanse and how great it was.  

But, as soon as I mentioned that the cleanse cost $325 and took 4 weeks to complete, most people stopped in their tracks, shut down and totally forgot about it.

I really hated to see that, because I would have loved to see them get the benefits of cleansing like I did.  So I began a search for a less expensive and time consuming cleanse that would get similar results.  

I looked at 100s of products out there and  found out pretty quickly that many  were pretty poor.  They had low quality and sometimes even dangerous  ingredients in them. I was literally shocked to find all this in these cleanses:

clay, sugar, chalk, shellac (made from insect eggs), alcohol, animal tissue, chemical drugs, chemical solvents, common sand, fish, milk, soybeans, wheat, wax, and, believe it or not, traces of cyanide!

I certainly couldn't recommend those products  to anyone - so I continued searching.  I did eventually find 7 other products that were worth  trying.   I didn't want to recommend them without trying them myself, so I gave all of them a go.    What I discovered was that none  came anywhere close to the original I had tried.  

I had pretty much given up when, one day, totally out of the blue, I spotted a new cleanse on the shelf of my friend's small health food store in Whangarei New Zealand.  It was called the "Ultimate Cleanse" and was made by a local herbalist.   I read the label carefully and liked what I saw.  So, I bought two, one for me and one for my wife. 

We took them home and started right away.  And I was literally blown away by the results.   I remember that I kept telling my wife, "this is as good as that first cleanse I did."   For me that was great news!

And even better, this cleanse only cost $120, so I knew that more of my friends and family would be willing  to give it a try.

Finally after  3 year of searching, I sent  out an email and made a few calls to friends and family about the cleanse.   Within a week 40 people had decided to try it.  And two weeks later I started getting the  “thank you” letters.

Here's What  2 Friends Wrote Me After Their First Ultimate Cleanse

"After 7 Days I Am Down 13 lbs"

 Hi Mark:

After 7 days I am down 13 lbs and I haven't even gone shopping.

I really almost gave up on trying to lose weight because I had a baby at age 42 and then a hysterectomy  a year later and I am going through hormonal imbalances. So I became very discouraged.  Doing this Ultimate Cleanse has given me the encouragement to want to eat healthier and to watch some of the junk that I may have eaten previously.  I also chew slower and eat smaller portions. I think my stomach is shrinking because I don't want to eat a lot of food anymore.

My co-workers are watching me with this detox and they may be ordering...

Thanks for all your help.


"I'm Feeling Realy Positive About My Diet Change"

Hi Mark,
Wanted to email to let you know I made it!!!!!  Finished the cleanse last night and I feel fantastic, released a huge amount of plaque and lost 3kgs over the 11 days of prep and cleansing.  
I’m feeling really positive about my diet change and about my health and wellbeing in general – my husband has even decided to begin a healthy eating and exercise plan – not sure if he’ll go as far as completing the cleanse just yet!!   Thanks a lot for your support, may you soar in freedom and light.

After getting that kind of feedback I got even more excited.   I wished everyone knew about it.  So I put up this webpage to tell even more  people about the Ultimate Cleanse.

The response has been wonderful. 

People love using this cleanse and are sharing it with their friends.   

It's normal for me to get orders for 5 or 10 cleanses at a time from people who organize groups so they can cleanse with their friends and families.  

I get calls from my friends in the natural health field thanking me for giving them something to recommend that really helps people.   One of them loves the cleanse so much that he even makes it a part of his popular yoga teacher training programs.  

So What Is It That Puts The Ultimate Cleanse In A League Of Its Own And Makes It Work So Well?

This is a common question people ask me  after they have successfully completed the program.  

 Here are the 7 things that  set this product apart from all others.

1.  The program was carefully designed by a New Zealand based herbal master.  He put the cleanse together only after his in depth study of the work of the two most famous cleansing researchers in the world: Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Richard Andersen.  

2.  He was also inspired by some of the most powerful herbal remedies,              preserved in Native American traditions for 1000s of years.

3.  Each Ultimate Cleanse is packed with 100% pure, raw, dried powdered herbs. Only the highest quality herbs are selected, harvested at peak potency and dried at low temperatures to avoid damaging them.

4.  Nothing is added to these herbs in any way.  No fillers, no colors, no chemicals of  any kind.  They stay 100% pure, natural and organic.

If you're like me and love to read labels – here are all the ingredients in the Ultimate Cleanse:

Buckthorn, Wormwood, Psyllium, Licorice, Fennel, Dandelion, Angelica, Ginger, Cayenne, Cascara, Barley grass powder, Bilberry Fruit, Alfalfa, Psyllium powder, Guar gum, Carob powder and Acidophilus.

5. Unlike any other product on the market, the Ultimate Cleanse does MORE than just cleansing the colon.   At the same time it also cleanses the liver and  the kidneys,  which are the two major detoxifying organs of the body.

6.  The cleanse includes high quality acidophilus capsules which are taken after the herbs to repopulate the stomach and intestines with good  bacteria.

7.  Finally, the  Ultimate Cleanse contains the specific herbs that dissolve and release mucoid plaque from the walls of your intestines.  

Getting this muciod plaque out is VERY important - Here is why:

Mucoid plaque creates constipation and prevents nutrients from being absorbed by the small and large intestines.
There’s no way to describe how much better you feel once you get this gunk out.    And the only proven way to do this  is with a well designed  program like the Ultimate Cleanse.

In case you’ve never seen it, here’s a photo of muciod plaque, which is a thick, dense rubber-like coating that forms when we eat  foods like meats, fried foods, pasta, rice, bread and cheese.  99% of us have it,  without even knowing it. 

whole body cleanse
Mucoid Plaque Photo From Friend And Client
Peter Gordon - Vienna, Austria
(The tape measure reads 30cm -  11 in.)

Doesn't it make sense that when this sludge is out of your system, you're going to feel a whole lot better?

Don't just take my word for  it.  Have a look at some more testimonials I have received over the years.  They speak for themselves.

Here Are Some Of The Massive Health Benefits That People Report Everyday

"My Pain Has Now Ceased and I Put It Down To the Ultimate Cleanse"

"After suffering for over 20 years with Ankylosing Spondylitis and calcification (a form of painful rheumatism) with cramping and tightness in the chest, I tried the Ultimate Cleanse.

In JUST 5 DAYS I was left stunned at the material that left my body.  It looked like it had been there all my life and smelt like toxic diesel fumes.

My pain has now ceased and I put it down to the Ultimate Cleanse."

Paul, Auckland

"My Headaches Have Disappeared.  Feeling Fantastic!"

"A friend purchased the Ultimate Cleanse for me a few months ago, and I haven’t looked back.

My headaches have disappeared, feeling fantastic! Thank you."

Nicole from Australia

whole body cleanse
"Wow! Words Cannot Describe the Results I Achieved  from The Ultimate Cleanse"

"I have suffered from constant bloating, constipation, fatigue and headaches from my early teens. My weight was a constant battle and many foods made me feel bloated and constipated.

I resorted to laxatives which eventually through constant use, no longer worked for me but instead made my problem worse!

I tried everything over the years and even tried cleanses of other brands which did not seem to help either.

I visited a friend and he put me onto the Ultimate Cleanse program.

I completed it with WONDERFUL RESULTS!

For the first time in my life, my stomach is flat.

And I now know what foods I can and can’t eat to prevent constipation and bloating.  I now complete the Ultimate Cleanse once a year and have recommended it to many friends.

It's the best cleanse on the market.  Thank you!"

Karen from Chicago

"...I Have Been Absolutely Amazed at the Results"

 "After I spent two years with a gastroenterologist for my Irritable Bowel Syndrome with little or no result, I took the Ultimate Cleanse.

Within a week I had lost 10kg in weight and felt my energy return. now have less pain and bloating and I have been absolutely amazed at the results."

Brian - Phoenix, USA

"Following My First Cleanse I Lost a Staggering
22 pounds."

 "I lost another 14 lbs on my second cleanse. I was very overweight prior to the cleanses and can emphatically state that I felt marvelous following each one.

With the second cleanse I felt a more spiritual cleanse as well as the other great benefits."  

Dorothy T.

Pretty powerful , isn't it?  

At this point you might still be wondering how one product can work so well and give people such positive results.  I don't blame you - I know that there are a lot of hyped up claims out there.

So What Can You Really Expect From The Ultimate Cleanse?

Well, based on my experience, I can tell you that the following are the top 14 things that people most commonly report.   Not everyone feels all of them,  but everyone experiences at least 3 of these benefits:

  • Quick and easy weight loss - average of 10 lbs. (5kg) - all the way up to 40 lbs (18kg)
  • Relief of constipation and restoration of regularity
  • Disappearing acne, rashes, dry skin, eczema and other skin problems related to toxicity
  • Relief of headaches - including migraines
  • Reduced incidence of heartburn
  • Relief of arthritis and joint pain
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Elimination of  food cravings
  • Relief of asthma symptoms
  • Easier nutrient absorption
  • Smoother digestion
  • Clearer thinking and sharper mental focus
  • More balanced emotions
  • Greater motivation

 I want you to understand that these benefits are within your reach.  This is not "pie in the sky"  stuff here.   If it was, I wouldn't bother to share it with you.  

OK Seems Great, But Is The Ultimate Cleanse Hard To Complete?  

This is a question I love to answer and actually something that I really love about this product.   The Ultimate Cleanse works very well AND is also very easy to do.  

I can't say that about any other program. 

Pretty much anyone can easily complete this progam.   

Note: I say "pretty much" because if you're pregnant or nursing, or if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure you need to consult your doctor before beginning any cleansing program.

I’ve seen everyone from busy executives to stay at home moms to grandmothers literally glide through this program.  Here’s why:

  • The herbal formulas are in easy-to take capsules so you don't have to measure and mix the herbs yourself.
  • You take the capsules just twice daily.  It couldn't be simpler for people with busy lives.  Just swallow the herbal formulas with water or juice and you're on your way.
  • The Ultimate Cleanse  has options for  for beginners and advanced cleansers alike. You can complete the cleanse as a 5 day super cleanse, a 10 day power cleanse or a 25 or 50 day extended cleanse.
  • You never have to go hungry or go on a fast.  There is a diet to follow, but you can eat all the fresh fruit and vegetables you want - along with other foods like yogurt, stews, soups, and teas.  
  • You can even continue your regular daily routines if you like, including work and exercise while completing the cleanse. 

Also each kit comes with a comprehensive full color booklet that gives you:

  • Detailed instructions for the four cleansing options - 5 day, 10 day, 25 day and 50 day so that you can cleanse at your own pace.
  • A shopping checklist that helps you make the right food choices so that you get the most  out of your cleansing program.
  • Over 25 recipes for delicious juices, smoothies, salads, main dishes and desserts to make your cleansing experience a tasty and pleasant one.
  • A complete FAQ section to quickly answer all of the major questions that come up during the course of a cleanse.
Finally,  when you purchase your Ultimate Cleanse from me you’ll receive my personal support and expertise. 

I am totally committed to your success.  Here’s what you get exclusively from me:

  • A quick start guide:  As soon as you order I'll send you an e-mail that gives you a  step-by-step outline of how to prepare for this cleanse while you are waiting for it to arrive.
  • Unlimited e-mail support:  Before, during and after the cleanse you have access to my personal support. Just e-mail me with any question, doubt, comment or concern you have and I will respond within 24 hours.
  • Tips and Information:  During  your cleanse I'll  send you a few e-mails full of helpful tips to show you how to get the most out of your cleanse.  
As you can see, this is a very complete program. 

I believe that the high quality of the product combined with my support make this the  best cleansing offer available anywhere.

So, What Does The Ultimate Cleanse Cost? 

Before I answer that, remember, that  the Ultimate Cleanse also cleanses the liver and kidneys and dissolves mucoid plaque.  That alone makes it a great value.

When you add the fact that the Ultimate Cleanse gets great results for about 1/3 of the price of other high quality cleansing kits, this program is  unbeatable. 

You get the complete Ultimate Cleanse program, including the full color instruction booklet, plus  all the personal support you need for:  $97 (plus shipping)

New:  I've just arranged a great deal on shipping for all my customers.  We now can ship anywhere in the world for just $9.95 - and that's air mail!  

Wait!  If that seems expensive to you, please take a moment to consider this:

In many cases I've seen that completing this cleanse can actually end up saving you money.

In the short term it will save you money on food because you will eat less during your cleanse. And in the long run it  will very likely save you on doctor's bills, medicines and other health related expenses.  

I personally think of it like a proacitve form of health insurance.

And in addition, when you order today, I'm going to make it even easier for you to have a successful cleanse - by throwing in these three extra bonuses. 

Get These 3 Great  Bonuses To Help You With Your Cleanse

whole body cleanse
Bonus #1  A copy of my e-book: “Living Love, Living Foods, Caring for yourself with what you eat”  (a $19.95 value, yours Free)

With over 40 recipes, this ebook will help show you how to maintain a positive and healthy diet during and after your cleanse. 

whole body cleanse
Bonus #2  A link to my hand picked list of 50 top books on natural health and healing (a $47 value, yours Free)

This list includes books that will support you to make positive changes in your diet and lifestyle.  The information in these books can improve your health and add years to your life.

Bonus #3   The chance to win a place at one of my upcoming "Transformational Being" Cleansing retreats (a potential $995 Value)
When you order your cleansing kit today you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free spot.  Two winners will be drawn from all entries received before December 2009. 

Sound fair enough?  

Why not take this opportunity  to do something that can really  improve  your health?   I know you'll be glad you did.

Claim your Ultimate Cleanse with encrypted secure payment processing for $97
(plus $9.95 for  Air Mail  From New Zealand To Anywhere in The World)   

 100% Risk-Free

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I look forward to hearing about your results!!

Yours in Radiant Health,

Mark Ament

P. S.
If your are still hesitating, think about it like this:

Your body is an amazing, self-healing, self-regulating creation. When you thoroughly clean its internal organs, it will serve you long and well.

It’s just like taking your car to the garage for servicing BEFORE anything goes wrong. Changing your car's oil regularly makes it work better and last a lot longer.   And cleansing does the same for your body.

Stay on top of your health...

Order Your Ultimate Cleanse  - A Complete Whole Body Cleanse  Today!


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