benefits of eating raw foods

27 Benefits Of Eating Raw Foods

by Mark Ament 2006

Here is a list of the major benefits that come frome eating raw foods.  Each one of them is confirmed
by 1000s of testimonials and scientific research.  

Physical Health

Lose weight, especially fat

Look better

Enjoy radiant, younger looking skin

Experience more energy and vitality

Support the body to heal from disease

Mental Health

More focus and concentration

Quicker thinking
Increased brain function

Emotional Health

 Ability to do things you don't want to do goes down

 Motivation goes up

 Self esteem goes up

 Creativity Blossoms

Spiritual Health

Awareness levels increase

More connection with natural world

Gentleness, kindess and compassion develop

Environmental Health

Less packaging

Less transport costs

Increase in organic foods

More food available for all

Eat Less

More nutrition from food

Appetite goes down

Tastes Better

Fresh tastes best

More pleasure from eating

Live Longer

Statistically, the longest lived people on the planet are the people who eat the least

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benefits of eating raw foods
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benefits of eating raw foods

benefits of eating raw foods                                        benefits of eating raw foods

benefits of eating raw foods

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benefits of eating raw foods


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benefits of eating raw foods